Drone Racing Center
Pioneer a new sport and help fund Portland's first Drone racing center. A place where these FPV goggle pioneers can blaze the sky

Campaign Wall Of Fame

This Page is for backers that have pledged over $200.00 

The campaign Wall of Fame is a backers  reward for any pledge over $200 your name will be forever memorize by having it on the campaign wall of fame. Once the Drone racing Center is successful. The campaign Wall of Fame will be part of the buildings decoration and your name will be forever remembered as one of the campaign backers whose name was on the Campaign wall of fame.

With your help people will have another recreational
center for friends and family to enjoy and Hopefully
someday the drone Racing World Cup will be at this
Drone Racing center. 

I see the project like a race i have started,
the Start of a race being the first step. The race
itself being the second step and the finishing of
a race being the third and final step a Drone Racing Center on a wold cup scale 
This might be Big Dream but its not as big of a dream as MLKings Dream lets show the world the power of crowedfunding
and the power of drones in the world. 
I have a dream 
a drone racing center 

the funding will help with the building of the
architectural model, hiring of a graphic design
team and the marketing cost that will be involved
in the second stage of this race. The launching of a
much bigger campaign and the creation of a investors
portfolio to make this idea become a reality.

This is only the beginning of a long trip but
I'm willing to continue on until the finish line..

  1. Crowdfunding
    is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and of alternative finance.
  2. Campaign Wall Of Fame
    We are proud to recognize and honor the individuals, who have donate 200.00 or more to the Drone Racing Center project. Please take a look at the Campaign Wall Of Fame page or donate and join the Campaign wall of fame.
  3. Race begins check the progress!
    The Project progress will be tracked by Displaying Campaign funds graphically on this site. we wont to encourage people to share ideas and leave a comment. you can also subscribe to our Drone Racing Center news letter.